Yujia Jing

Yujia Jing

Company: Xsome Biotech, Inc

Job title: Vice President R&D


Optimizing Delivery of Biologics Through Inhalation for Maximal Efficacy 1:01 pm

Delve deeper and navigate the complexities of delivering biologics through inhalation, addressing unique challenges and investigating solutions. Join us as we strive for optimal efficacy, decipher delivery strategies, and emphasize the significance of inhalation in enhancing therapeutic outcomes. Join us where we explore:  Navigating Biologics Delivery Challenges: Exploring the unique challenges associated with biologics complex…Read more

day: Pre-Conf Workshops

Inhalable Biologics for Treating Acute and Chronic Lung Diseases 4:30 pm

Leverage the potential of inhalable biologics using lipid-based drug delivery vehicles such as exosomes, liposomes, and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for precise and effective treatment Explore the innovative delivery of therapeutic microRNA via inhalation as a promising approach for treating acute lung injury (ALI) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), offering targeted healing directly at the source…Read more

day: Day 1

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