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2nd Next Gen Inhalation Delivery Summit: What to Expect in 2024

Welcome to the 2nd Next Gen Inhalation Delivery Summit, where we gather industry leaders, experts, and innovators to push the boundaries of inhalation therapy and pulmonary drug delivery. Our summit is the premier event dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in next-generation formulation techniques and drug-device compatibility for biologics and novel modalities. 

Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned professional, our summit provides unparalleled insights such as: 

Advancements in inhaled delivery of cutting-edge complex biologics and modalities, including mRNA, gene therapies, and nanoparticles for increased therapeutic efficacy

Ensuring formulation stability, integrity, and maximizing drug concentration while addressing material loss

Harnessing particle engineering for precise and deep lung delivery with optimal efficacy, tailored to specific patient populations in-depth, deep-dive workshop session

Novel delivery platforms to target complex respiratory disease such as COPD, IPF, emphysema and lung cancer

In 2024 we are honing in on delivery of complex modalities, and delving into formulation-device compatibility early on for cutting edge insights. Stay up to date on the latest industry developments with case study presentations, in-depth workshops, collaborative roundtables, and informative panel discussions with AstraZeneca, Abbvie, Avalyn Pharma, Aerami Therapeutics, Aerogen, Feldan Therapeutics, St. John’s University, and more!

Join us in Boston to stay ahead of inhalation therapy advancements, connect with 60+ industry experts in formulation, pulmonary drug product delivery, inhalation device experts and toxicology, and foster valuable conversations to progress pulmonary drug delivery and improve patient outcomes.

Join Key Leaders in the Space to:

Get interactive in our in-depth workshop with AstraZeneca to optimize biologics, focusing on overcoming absorption hurdles and tailoring treatments for specific diseases 

Delve into inhalation fundamentals workshop with AbbVie to learn about systemic and alternative delivery routes, liquid vs. solid inhalation, and precise dosage administration

Enhance molecule stability and formulation with cutting-edge techniques like spray drying with Aerogen and PureIMS to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of your inhalation products

Explore novel delivery strategies and how customizing delivery systems will address drug variability challenges with Feldan Therapeutics for precision targeting to cells and tissues 

Evaluate demand for innovation and localized drug doses for lung cancer and respiratory conditions like IPF and emphysema with Avalyn Pharma and Ludwig Maximilians University to explore therapeutic opportunities

Our Audience

Meet 60+ C-Level leaders, Senior Directors, Principal Scientists in formulation, respiratory disease, pulmonary drug product development and inhalation device engineering looking to improve the inhalation delivery of your drug for therapeutic efficacy and patient adherence!

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What Your Peers Have to Say:

“Allowed peers to share insights of inhalation delivery as a promising route for unmet medical needs for pulmonary diseases and other systemic disorders”
Senior Engineer, Eli Lilly

“I enjoyed all the speakers, the intimate setting and the opportunity to speak with most of the attendees and speakers. The length was also ideal”
Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Development, Acorda Therapeutics