Exploit Non-Invasive, Patient-Centric, Targeted Delivery with the Development of
Next Generation Inhaled Therapeutics

The inhalation field feels undoubtedly exciting with enhanced dosing and less invasive, targeted delivery to address unmet clinical needs in pulmonary conditions. Whether your work in COPD, asthma, IPF, lung cancer or infectious disease, this comprehensive forum offers the solution to capitalize on the common goal of targeted lung delivery.

In 2023, join us at the Next Gen Inhalation Delivery Summit to meet the people behind the most cutting-edge work enabling optimized formulation, targeted delivery, and patient compliance to enhance pipeline development!

Agenda Highlights from the Main Conference Include:

Delve into the inhaled delivery of new modalities across biologics and nanoparticles with Insmed Incorporated, Emory University, University of Amsterdam

Turbocharge your inhalation formulation techniques for improved stability and longer shelf-lives with Janssen, University of New Mexico

Advance your pre-clinical model development for more translatable results in clinic with in an in-depth, deep-dive workshop session

Optimize specific targeted delivery and deep lung tissue penetration with an interactive roundtable with Senisca

Avalyn Pharma and Aerami Therapeutics provide insights into device-formulation compatibility with patient compliance and convenience at forefront of mind

Don't miss this unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of science, network with 80 inhalation experts to gain competitive advantage and take actionable insights back into the office.

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