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With over 30 years of inhalation product experience, Catalent Inhalation can handle the most complex projects and help bring therapies to market faster. Whether a single service or a comprehensive development package is required, Catalent offers end-to-end expertise in dry powders for inhalation (DPI), unit-dose liquid and powder, bi-dose and preserved multi-dose nasal sprays. Our DPI expertise lies in spray-dried or lactose blended powders for inhalation, encapsulation and blistering. In addition, Catalent provides comprehensive analytical, bioanalytical and clinical supply services.



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MUNIT is operating in the field of MICRONIZATION of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), High Potent APIs, Cytotoxic and Cytostatic compounds, Inhalation products, Steroids, R&D compounds, Controlled substances and Generics.
MUNIT is your access point to JETPHARMAs and MICROCHEMs services, such as:
• Jet- , Pin- and Hammer milling
• Cryogenic Micronization
• Co- micronization
• Post-milling conditioning
• Sieving, Blending, De-Lumping
• Technical trials, DoE Studies, Process development and validation
• QbD
• PSD analysis etc.
The triangular company structure with its back-up potential, its technology transfer and the resulting flexibility is one of our unique features in the market (Business continuity).
With MUNITs lean organisation, its welcoming and customer orientated attitude, we are able to guarantee best service, high efficiency and punctuality to our customers worldwide - whether you are a start-up or a multinational corporation.

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Yirdoc is a leading innovator in customized mesh nebulizers for inhalation therapy, offering patented technology and digital solutions to optimize delivery and maximize dose efficiency. Our expertise extends across small molecules and biologics, including LNP-encapsulated mRNA, peptides, antibodies, and exosomes, making us a pivotal partner in the biopharmaceutical industry. With a proven track record in enhancing clinical outcomes and supporting formulation development, Yirdoc delivers tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We empower partners to navigate drug delivery complexities, ensuring their therapies achieve optimal results.

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