Conference Day One - June 5, 2024

8:30 am Morning Check In

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Exploring Next Generation Pulmonary Delivery Formulations

9:30 am Navigating Challenges in Efficient Lung Delivery for Molecule Stability

  • Ronan Mac Loughlin Associate Director - Research, Development, Science and Emerging Technologies, Aerogen


  • Discussing the struggle of achieving optimal delivery efficiency, addressing material loss concerns and maximizing drug concentration in the target area of the lungs
  • Exploring the critical need to prevent compromise or degradation of pharmaceutical molecules during formulation, focusing on challenges posed by energy imparted during aerosolization
  • Examining precision in targeting, emphasizing the importance of reaching deep into the lungs and tailoring efficiency based on the specific patient population

10:00 am Advancing DPIs for Biologics: Innovative Particle Engineering Technologies


  • Delving into biologics under examination for DPIs including monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and therapeutic proteins
  • Investigate cutting-edge drying technologies such as spray drying to enhance the formulation and stability of biologics in DPIs, with a focus on maintaining bioactivity and preventing aggregation
  • Addressing key considerations for successful scale-up, encompassing optimal excipients selection, process parameter control, comprehensive physiochemical characterization, and analysis of cost implications for large-scale production

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


Our speed networking session offers a rapid and efficient platform for industry experts to expand their network, exchange insights, discover opportunities, and foster meaningful connections within the inhalation industry.

11:30 am [NEW DATA]Exploring Physical Stability of Protein Powder Formulations for Inhalation

  • Tony Zhou Associate Professor, Purdue University


  • Discussing the impact of solid-state properties on stability and aerosolization: evaluating how crystallinity and crystallization tendency affect stability of powder formulations for inhaled proteins
  • Exploring solid form changes during storage, altering aerosol performance, and addressing the mixing of homogeneity of excipients and proteins influence on solid-state properties and stability
  • Delving into advanced characterization techniques for evaluating particle surface properties and understanding molecular interactions between proteins and excipients in the powder formulation

12:00 pm Delving Into ARCUSTM Technology for Inhaled Delivery of Pharmaceuticals

  • Michael Tauber Senior Director - Pharmaceutical Development, Acorda Therapeutics


  • Unveiling the advantages of large porous particle engineering through spray drying for enhanced drug delivery efficiency
  • Achieving rapid onset of action and systemic delivery via dry powder administration for improved patient relief and management of conditions
  • Minimizing inhalation effort by delivering a substantial dose in a single administration, reducing burden on patients and improving adherence

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

Advancing Cell & Tissue Specific Targeted Delivery for Maximal Efficacy

1:30 pm Innovations in Lung Cancer Treatment

  • Jyothi Menon Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island


  • Acknowledging the limited understanding of lung cancer, exploring the current information landscape, and emphasizing the need for advancements
  • Investigating unconventional administration routes, evaluating the feasibility of direct treatment for lung cancer, including oral and localized approaches for upper respiratory area cancers
  • Delving into the intricacies of upper respiratory cancers, aiming to uncover cutting-edge strategies and methodologies for more effective and targeted lung cancer treatments

2:00 pm [NEW MODALITY]Peptide-Based Intracellular Delivery Strategy for Pulmonary Space

  • Anna Cheng Director - R&D Pulmonary Drug Delivery, Feldan Therapeutics


  • Unlocking targeted pulmonary treatment with a groundbreaking peptide-based intracellular delivery strategy
  • Maximizing therapeutic effectiveness through tailored delivery to airway cells across diverse animal models
  • Unveiling the potential of ASO delivery to revolutionize respiratory care, ensuring precision and impactful benefits for respiratory conditions

2:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break & Poster Session

3:30 pm Optimizing Organ-Targeted Delivery: Enhancing Precision and Patient Comfort Through Tailored Delivery Systems


  • Exploring how delivering through the lungs can target organs like the brain, T cells, and red blood cells for local treatments and increased patient comfort
  • Discover how customizing delivery systems for different organs and drug types addresses challenges linked to drug variability, accommodating those needing immediate release in the plasma and those requiring carriage within the lungs
  • Examine the choice of formulating drugs to either break down in the lungs for immediate release or carry them intact, depending on the drug’s characteristics and its capacity to permeate the lungs

4:00 pm Inhalable Biologics for Treating Acute and Chronic Lung Diseases


  • Leverage the potential of inhalable biologics using lipid-based drug delivery vehicles such as exosomes, liposomes, and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for precise and effective treatment
  • Explore the innovative delivery of therapeutic microRNA via inhalation as a promising approach for treating acute lung injury (ALI) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), offering targeted healing directly at the source
  • Extend the benefits of inhalation therapy beyond lung diseases, opening new avenues for treating systemic conditions like diabetes and myocardial infarction through noninvasive, focused treatments

4:45 pm Chair’s Closing remarks

5:00 pm End of Day One