Optimizing Delivery of Biologics Through Inhalation for Maximal Efficacy

Time: 1:01 pm
day: Pre-Conf Workshops


Delve deeper and navigate the complexities of delivering biologics through inhalation, addressing unique challenges and investigating solutions. Join us as we strive for optimal efficacy, decipher delivery strategies, and emphasize the significance of inhalation in enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

Join us where we explore: 

Navigating Biologics Delivery Challenges:

  • Exploring the unique challenges associated with biologics complex structures and properties
  • Addressing the hurdles related to the size of particles and molecules in biologics, crucial for effective absorption and therapeutic impact.
  • Investigating the development of delivery devices that can adeptly handle the challenges posed by biologics, ensuring efficient and reliable administration. 

Striving for Optimal Efficacy:

  • Clarifying the specific efficacy objectives in delivering biologics through inhalation, considering factors like dosage, frequency, and desired therapeutic outcomes. 

Deciphering Delivery Strategies:

  • Understanding the dynamics between systemic and localized delivery, and how these influence the choice of delivery strategies for different biologics.
  • Addressing how inhalation of biologics can be tailored to suit specific disease states, exploring the nuances of application in various therapeutic contexts.