Vivek Gupta

Vivek Gupta

Company: Saint Johns University

Job title: Assistant Professor & Dean for Graduate Education & Research, Industrial Pharmacy


Workshop Leader: Vivek Gupta 12:30 pm

While the inhalation route of administration is most commonly associated with targeted lung delivery for your pulmonary conditions, an array of advantages can be seen across non-pulmonary conditions such as cardiovascular. Rather than looking at the lungs as your end target, this particular organ offers a different point of entry to the body over intravenous,…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Panel Discussion: Setting Up Context: Capitalizing on the Current Wave of Inhaled Delivery 9:00 am

With renewed interest sparked by COVID-19, unmet clinical needs and better formulation technologies, inhaled delivery offers key advantages over other routes of administration for targeted local delivery. In this panel discussion, experts will explore: Reflecting on COVID-19, renewed interest and novel technologies Formulating biologics for inhaled delivery such as mRNA Discussing advantages of inhalation to…Read more

day: Conference Day 1

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